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Selecting Windows: 5 Essential Tips for Nashville Homeowners

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The window industry has a lot of hype to sort through plus some widespread consumer myths that you hear about from time to time. Read our five suggestions on selecting windows that will make your window shopping experience easy and help you choose the best windows possible. Contact a member of our window experts if you’re still unsure about how to compare windows.

1. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

A more expensive window doesn’t mean you are getting a superior product. In fact, most windows are manufactured using the same materials, procedures, and standards in the same facility. There are excellent windows on the market right now that cost considerably less than their rivals yet is nearly identical!

The vendor sets the price, and in Nashville, you can frequently buy windows at nearby competitors for hundreds of dollars more than the windows we sell. At The Window Source of Nashville, we think that satisfied clients are more likely to recommend us to their friends and neighbors if we price our windows fairly and reasonably.

2. Pay attention to the NFRC label when selecting windows.

Count on the NFRC label when you are window shopping — it’s the most important thing you can research and use when comparison shopping.

Why? Because major window manufacturers submit their product information for their windows to the National Fenestration Rating Council, a non-biased window rating organization, and they rate each window based on these four factors:

  • U-Factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • Visible Transmittance
  • Air Leakage

Each factor’s rating is printed on the NFRC label attached to any new windows to aid in consistently comparing new windows.

3. Not everyone needs triple-pane windows.

This might come as a surprise — but “better” isn’t always what’s best. Triple-pane windows typically have better insulative properties and sound control, but they might not be the best windows. Why? Because the added benefit of better insulation or a reduction in outside noise may not always be necessary. Find out if the added expense is worthwhile by speaking with one of our window specialists.

4. You deserve a quality installation.

Many individuals are unaware of how crucial the window installation procedure is when selecting windows. You risk losing warmth and cooling near a window’s frame if gaps aren’t adequately sealed, and the window isn’t placed correctly. To achieve a perfect fit, we exclusively employ skilled craftspeople who use low expansion spray foam to cover any gaps between the frame and the wall.

5. Be aware of (and avoid) high-pressure sales tactics.

It’s crucial to be mindful of high pressure sales tactics while making decisions, whether you’re buying a car or picking home renovation choices. Although less prevalent than they used to be, high pressure sales techniques can be used in an effort to ‘scare’ you into selecting windows that might not be right for your home. 

High-pressure sales techniques are designed to instill a false sense of urgency. For instance, “We just sold a large condominium association 350 windows, I might be able to include your windows in the deal and get you a discount from the manufacturer, but I’d have to have a commitment today.” Maybe, but more than likely they are trying to pressure you into a quick sale.

Whatever your strategy, keep in mind that you should only buy replacement windows or doors if you are comfortable doing so and get a great price. You can rely on the best when you get your new replacement windows and doors from The Window Source of Nashville!

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